Top 7 Video Games With The Most Epic Music

The importance of well-crafted sound or music in any video game cannot be understated. For any popular video game soundtrack or its music plays an eminent role. No matter it is full orchestral arrangement or a simple eight bit composition video game soundtrack or music can set up the mood for any individual. Here are some top video games that have the most epic music in the gaming history.


The music this particular video game has evolved over the years. Since 2001 the makers have consistently grown the scale and came up with new ideas. The main theme of the game is basically a fusion of strings as well percussion, Gregorian chant.

The Elder Scrolls V

The special Skyrim score bit is sweeping and massive just like as the game. The commercial version of the game spans enormous four discs. The main theme named “Dragonborn” (you can listen it here) is composed by Jeremy Soule, made use of male choir around thirty singers. The lyric of the song was written in Draconic, dragon’s native tongue. This is the main reason why the soundtrack of this particular video game is so popular in the market, even after two years of release many are still playing.

Red Dead Redemption

It is one of the best and simple games of recent history. The game is a masterpiece with its amazing cinematic storytelling that comes with highly reminiscent soundtrack. The makers have made sure that every aspect of the game is suitable and connects instantly. Halfway to the game John Marston makes a ride across Mexican border and something remarkable happens. The background noise as well as other effects fades away and an evocative acoustic song starts playing in entirety. It is a powerful and subtle moment of the game.

Final Fantasy VII

The game was popular because of its convincing characters, graphics, story, music and game play. The music of the game was composed by Nobuo Uematsu. The composer came up with amazing sound which will capture the lows as well as highs of the game. The “Aerith’s Theme” is the best and a melancholy tune that keeps playing after a shocking murder.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros soundtrack which was composed by Koji Kondo is one most iconic album in gaming history. The music’s were composed on a small keyboard but contains almost sic songs each one iconic. The “Ground Theme” soundtrack which is the main track is really catchy.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Michiru Yamane is a former composer of Konami who was responsible for some amazing music in Suikoden and Nemisis. But especially the track Castlevania from Symphony of the Night is no doubt the best work amongst all. The music is grandiose, theatrical and above all such it is creepy. It is perfectly composed for the game.


Most soundtracks in Portal consist of ambient music but all such suddenly shines at the closing credits. The song named “Still Alive” sung by GLados is quite catchy and epic. The song became hugely popular and later appeared as downloadable track under Rock Band franchise.

This guest posts is written by Daniel Crieg, a game expert who contributes to Boagam.Net – a popular website that contains lists and ratings of the best board games.

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Does Guitar Music Help Marijuana Plants Grow?

There have always been questions about if talking to your plants or playing music for your plants help them grow (check out this UCSB research), and there have been plenty of studies dedicated to finding out if it does. On an episode of Myth Busters, the guys tackled the question, and by the end of the episode, they had determined that playing music for plants, especially heavy metal, do help them grow.

Since the episode aired, some marijuana enthusiasts that grow their own plants have started playing music for their plants in an effort to help them grow faster. While the Myth Busters episode did prove that playing music helped plants to grow, there wasn’t a very solid explanation as to why the music helps them grow.


As reported by mrvapo.com/ There was an article published by Science World Report, which provides a good explanation as to why the music helps the plants grow. They found that vibrations, which come from the music, enhance the efficiency of photosynthesis, the process that allows some bacteria and plants to turn sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into energy and oxygen.

The scientists extracted the photo system II reaction centers, which are located in the chloroplasts of plant cells, and are in a group of pigments and proteins that do the heavy lifting when it comes to photosynthesis, from some leaves. These photo system II reaction centers are also the only natural enzyme known to man that uses solar energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.

After extraction, the scientists use sequences of laser pulses that are carefully timed to match the speed of the reactions taking place, allowing them to take real time snapshots of the process. As a result of the experiment, the scientists found out that there were vibrational motions occurring during the charge separation.

Image resource: http://mrvapo.com/portable/best-vaporizer-pen

According to Jennifer Ogilvie, one of the researchers in the study, when the gaps in the energy levels are close to a vibrational frequency, there is an enhanced charge separation. This discovery essentially explains why music helps plants to grow, because the vibrations are speeding up the process of photosynthesis, it also makes a lot of sense that heavy metal seems to be the most effective, because it probably has the most vibrations of any genre of music, due to the loudness of the instruments they use.

It is still unknown if marijuana plants prefer stone music to regular music, but one thing is for sure; if you want your plants to grow fast, start playing them some music regularly.

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10 Best Songs To Listen to When Paintballing

The availability of portable mobile devices has allowed us to listen to music anywhere we are, which is pretty cool. A lot of people listen to music when they are working out or going for a jog, because it keeps them motivated, and the same thing applies to paintball. When you play paintball, after a while you start to get tired, but when you are listening to certain songs, you can get an extra burst of energy that will help you finish the game strong. Here is a list of the 10 best songs to listen to when you are playing paintball. If you like acoustic guitar, we have an awesome list of motivational guitar songs below.

#10. Lose Yourself- Eminem

As reported by http://pbguy.com users,  this is one of the best motivational songs you can listen to; there is no way you can listen to it without getting pumped up.

#9. Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

You can’t have a list of motivational songs without the “Rocky” soundtrack, no matter how cheesy it sounds.

#8. Rampage- Kavinsky

This classic Dragonball Z song is always a good song to get psyched up to.

#7. Propane Nightmares- Pendulum

Team Fortress 2 fans should be very familiar with this song from pendulum; it will definitely get you going whenever you start feeling tired.

#6. Terminator’s Arrival- The Terminator Soundtrack

This is not really a song to get you pumped up, because it really isn’t a song, but hearing the iconic terminator intro should help you get in touch with your inner cyborg, and get you prepared to eliminate some people during the game.

#5. Danger Zone-Kenny Loggins

This is another classic from the 80’s, but this song from the movie “Top Gun” soundtrack is a song that will always keep you going, and is so infectious that you might catch yourself singing it out loud.

#4. Titanium- David Guetta

Everything about this song will get you amped up, from the hook to the beats, you will definitely be ready to go when you hear this song.

#3. Levels- Avicii

This is one of those songs that you have to dance to if you are at the club, but it is also a good song to listen to when you need something to get your adrenaline pumping when you get tired while playing.

#2. Ride of the Valkyries- Richard Wagner

This song was made popular in the movie “Apocalypse Now,” and is a great song to get you in the mood for a battle. It doesn’t have any lyrics, just an ominous sound that gets you ready for combat.

#1. The A-Team Theme Song

Nothing lets you know you are on a mission like the theme song of the classic 80’s TV show, the A-Team theme song is great on so many levels, and there is no way you can listen to it without getting motivated.


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Guitar Players Are More Popular With Females

For a long time, it was always assumed that women found musicians more attractive than regular men, and now, there are studies that confirm the theory. In a study conducted at Universate de Bretagne-Sud, a physically attractive 20 year old man was sent out to hit on 300 women, using a script that was given to him. 31 percent of the women he hit on when he was holding a guitar gave him their number, compared to 14 percent when he wasn’t carrying anything. When he was carrying a gym bag, he only got the phone numbers of 9 percent of the women he hit on.

In another study published at JackedGorilla, Facebook friend requests which read “Hey, what’s up? I like your photo,” were sent out to college age women, the profile with a the man strumming a guitar got three times the request acceptance rate as a picture of the man without the guitar. The reverse of the study was conducted, but it didn’t make a difference to men if the woman had a guitar or not.


The results of this study beg the question of what exactly makes women more attracted to men who play the guitar? The researchers in France had a theory that playing music is associated with intellectual and physical abilities, which females believe are good qualities in a prospective partner or mate.

The ability to play a guitar also implies that the man has a strong work ethic, because it takes a lot of time and patience to learn how to play the guitar. Another theory is that seeing a man with a guitar case projects the image of successful musicians, which puts the concepts of status and wealth in the woman’s mind.

guitar player testosterone

The best explanation for why women are more attracted to guitar players is given in a paper published by John Manning and Vanessa Sluming, two researchers who provided evidence of a link between musical ability and testosterone. They believe that testosterone enhances the growth of the right hemisphere of the brain, which facilitates musical ability.

According to http://jackedgorilla.com, there is still a lot of research to be done on this subject, because there are still a lot of unanswered questions, like if the female’s attraction to a man who plays a guitar is a short or long term deal. The one thing that every man needs to know for now is that the ability to play a guitar increases their attractiveness in the eyes of women, which is a good reason to start taking some guitar lessons.

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